Your Creative Life:
What Are You Waiting For?

Could you use some help in deciding how to commit your time and energy

in the service of not only making a living but also creating a life worth living?

For creative people, this process can be especially challenging.

How do you know what is right for you?

What are you willing to sacrifice; what sacrifice is too great?

How do you manage self-doubt, others' expectations, motivating yourself, using your time?

The company of other like-minded people can be a reassuring, clarifying, and stimulating part of the often-baffling process of crafting ones own life.  This six-week group experience will alternate focus between incubation* and action*, both essential elements of the creative process, with attention to which place is appropriate for each group member at any specific time. Topics that will be covered are Meaning, Mind, Relationships, Working & Marketplace.

The group is open to any age man or woman who feels on the brink* of something.

There is no group scheduled at this time, but check back or email and ask to be added to the mailing list!

If interested in participating or learning more, contact Thelma Kidd / (615) 300-4552

*Definitions from
          Incubation: The provision of proper conditions for growth and development.
           Action: The fact or process of doing something.
           On the brink: The point at which something is likely to begin.

Group Leaders:

Thelma Kidd, MSW, Life Transitions Coach and co-founder of Davis-Kidd Booksellers, has many years of experience facilitating groups and a strong belief in the power of people learning more about themselves and helping each other through the group experience.

Jeff Danley has worked in creative fields his whole life-- as a drummer/singer/songwriter, as an art director/set decorator/props person in the film industry -- and for the past 20 years has returned to his first love as a visual artist/painter. His lifelong creative work led him to the study of Creativity Coaching, and he now has an active practice helping others live their creative life.

Thelma Kidd
Life Transitions Coach
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