When may coaching be the right choice?

As a person navigates through the challenges and transitions that confront all of us, it can be helpful to have someone with whom to collaborate at various points along the way. When a person is at a crossroad in life they may feel conflicted or ambivalent about the "right" way to go – what direction best represents their values and purpose.

I believe that we have within the wisdom needed to choose what is right for us, but for one reason or another we lose access to that knowledge. In the noise and busyness of everyday life it may be difficult to hear one's own voice. Sometimes a person needs help reconnecting to that inner core that represents "true north" for them as they face changes and decisions in their life. Personal life coaching can provide that needed assistance.

At other times the demands of a successful life – balancing the priorities of career, relationships, and selfcare – can undermine the joy and balance that someone is seeking. What once was an enjoyable, vibrant life can become off-kilter from the multiple demands and responsibilities of adult living. At those times a coach may help you sort out your priorities and reclaim the life you had dreamed of, based on the things most important to you.

Coaching sessions usually last an hour and can be held in person or on the phone. For people not living in the Nashville area who prefer a face-to-face session, half or full day appointments are available.

When can families benefit from coaching?

Within any family group, whether a couple or a family that includes children or grandparents, each individual person has his/her own thoughts, feelings, challenges, and triumphs. What is good for one person may cause disappointment to another. When facing a family decision or experiencing change, it is important to involve each member in the process. Taking the time to listen to everybody in the family and recognizing the sometimes-conflicting needs of each person will make a transition, whether planned or unanticipated, go more smoothly.

Even in healthy, well-functioning families, there are times when things get out of balance. Some families have regular meetings to discuss important issues, however many people find this difficult to do and would benefit from including someone outside their family to facilitate the conversation.

If you decide to invite me to help you work and talk together, I will listen to what you want for your family and involve everyone in the process of discussing the things that are important to you. These conversations can be enlightening, enjoyable, and a bonding experience for the family. Out of this can come the clarity and resolve to move in the direction that seems right for you and your family.

What about Coaching for the Executive or Business Owner?

As many busy executives and business owners know, the position at the top can be a lonely one. Whether you are an executive in a large corporation or the owner of your own business, the responsibility of guiding the company and its employees can leave little time for contemplation – about the company or oneself. As a former business owner, I understand the challenges you face in using your leadership role in a responsible way and running the company effectively. I can be the sounding board you need to help you successfully navigate important business decisions and challenges.

If you are in a position of leadership in your organization or company, I can work with you to clarify vision and make plans for moving forward in a way that is consistent with your values and purpose. Coaching can help you look beyond your work role to the larger context of your life so that the same expertise you bring to your job can be used to plan the life you want for yourself.

Coaching for Coaches

Maintaining objectivity while being actively involved with clients, being clear about ones own goals and purpose, and finding and keeping life balance oneself are all challenges that face coaches. Part of the work I do is with other coaches who feel the need for a sounding board or who want to continue their own personal and professional development. I am also available to assist with business plan development for your coaching practice.

To schedule a coaching session or to learn more about it, contact Thelma at coach@ThelmaKidd.com or 615-300-4552.

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