Personal and Executive Coaching Testimonials

"I began my retirement planning with Thelma Kidd. I was faced with deciding when and how to begin the process of ending an academic career. I met with Thelma, she helped me work out a plan and a set of procedures, and has accompanied me as I work through it. Thelma brings a great deal of skill and wisdom to this work. She knows how to set the stage and to begin the initial formulation of the task. She knows how to develop a plan that is a joint creation and has my commitment. I recommend her without reservation for persons like myself who could use personal coaching at this point in their career."

John Robert Newbrough
Professor of Psychology
Vanderbilt University

" Through her expertise in listening, Thelma helped me through the process of identifying ways to create a more balanced work and personal life. She helped me develop specific goals and action plans. Meeting with her served to keep me accountable and focused on the changes I committed to make."

Sue Chilton

"I was grateful for Thelma's approach - questioning, but with no pressure, allowing room for us to work at my pace. I appreciated the fact that the sessions and the information she provided were very much tailored to my specific situation."

Alice Merrit
Former Executive Director
Tennessee Assn. of Craft Artists

"A meeting where my focus was on career transition issues exclusively quickly evolved into a most surprising and interesting journey. With Thelma's assistance, I was able to broaden my perspective, experiment with designing new plans, and ultimately embrace change and new experiences that tap into my purpose, talents, and passions. By experiencing her down-to-earth realness and sensing how strongly grounded she is, I leapt toward informed risk-taking as never before because I believed my coach to be a reliable anchor."

Susan Dawson
Service Representative Specialist
Broadman & Holman Publishers

Thelma Kidd
Life Transitions Coach
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